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Image by John Fornander

Oceanic Entertainment

Floating Night Club 

At Oceanic Entertainment Inc., we specialize in event management, focusing on crafting exceptional boat parties across vibrant cities such as Vancouver, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Portland. Our mission is to redefine nightlife by transforming boats into dynamic floating nightclubs.

Each of our events offers a three-hour escape featuring live DJs spinning infectious beats, stunning panoramic views, rooftop dance floors, professional photography services, expansive outdoor viewing decks, and a host of other thrilling amenities. Join us for an unforgettable experience on the water.



Public Boat Cruises

Lively and Fun

If you enjoy partying, there is nothing like partying on a boat and seeing your city like never before..

We choose the best of the best when hosting our events such as the venue to deejays.  Some of our best events are for Halloween, NYE, Saint Pats and much more

Image by Sarthak Navjivan

Private Events

Perfectly Planned

If you are looking to host a private event on a boat, we got you covered. We can find you the right venue, food selection, deejays and much more.

All our private events are customized depending on the occasions. We got you covered for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, bachelorette and much more.


Join the Hottest Boat Parties in Canada: You Won't Want to Miss This!

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